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Drainage Service

One of the most important components in buildings is the drainage system, and buildings especially those in the urban areas cannot function effectively without a well-designed drainage system. The function of the drainage system is to discharge all the waste water of the occupants and rain water through a piping network.

It takes many years for the drainage system to encounter a problem, but when it will happen it gives discomforts and affects significantly your normal house activities. This problem becomes serious when it is not given the attention because it will damage other parts of the house.

Generally drainage problem will not occur like an emergency, but it will usually start with a little leak or a small clog pipe lines. This can be ignored temporarily or can be fixed or unclogged by the home owners themselves. However, when unattended for a long period of time it will become a serious problem which will already need an outside help.

In London there are several plumbing companies which are offering repair and servicing of drainage system. Excel Plumbers which is operating and practically serving all sectors in London because of our wide network coverage is offering a fully compressive drainage servicing program.

Our experience shows that major drainage problems can be prevented by having a regular maintenance of the drainage system. Our company is offering a scheduled regular clean up and inspection particularly the piping system. Through this check up corroded piping parts and built up of waste materials inside the pipes which may become potential for clogging are being identified and immediately corrected. When you come to us for the unclogging of your drainage system, we will evaluate your system and first employ our scientific approach by using a CCTV drainage survey. This will give us an accurate identification of the cause and the location of the blocked portion of the pipe. In this way enormous effort, time and money will be saved which makes this process highly effective and successful in our operation.

Furthermore when you consult us for a recurring drainage problem and you desire to have a comprehensive and permanent solution, we can offer to you our practical and with the least cost approach. Our drainage expert technical team will check if drain lining can effectively solve the problem before going through the most expensive excavation services. We will assure you that drainage excavation will be our last resort.

Excel Plumbers believes in the business philosophy of making the customers satisfied and happy for a quality work and with least cost. It has been our practice that we always strive to look for a less costly solution. Although high costing project is good for our finances, we prefer to find ways not to burden so much our clients.
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