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Power Flush

In any heating and cooling operation it is a natural phenomenon that scales, deposits, corrosion, stubborn coatings and other contaminants are formed and stick to the inner walls of the heating and cooling coils of the heat exchanger.

These contaminants are unwanted materials which reduce the efficiency of the heat exchanger. Thus, this result in a great energy loss as heat is absorbed by these contaminants and blocking its way to the cooling or heating medium.

For many years it has become a problem. Although there have been some palliative solutions including the use of a corrosion inhibitor, it doesn’t perfectly prevent these contaminants from sticking to the internal walls of the tube. The heat exchanger has to be pulled down for cleaning.

So far there are two commonly used cleaning processes – mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Many believe that chemical cleaning is superior over the mechanical cleaning. Its superiority is due to its process where cleaning chemical is introduced to the system to be in contact effectively to all surfaces even to odd-shape surfaces.

Excel Plumbers is offering the chemical cleaning through the use of our Power Flushing. This process describes as the internal cleaning of the heat exchangers by circulating water at high velocity, but at low pressure, in order that no physical damage will result to the system.

In addition we introduce some powerful cleansing and mobilizing chemicals to loosen and mobilize any deposits and contaminants in the system, and flush them out after several hours of circulation. We’re cautious in using the type of chemical to be used in your system, and we see to it that it will not harm but will conform to your system requirement.

When your heat exchanger is cleaned using our Power Flushing process you will get some of the benefits as follows:

  • Brings back your system efficiency
  • Corrects flow and circulation problems
  • Eliminates destructive water and prevents further corrosion
  • Totally cleans the whole system including underneath piping
  • Cleaning process completed within 4 hours
  • Far more effective than conventional flushing methods.

Excel Plumbing will guarantee all our cleaning works and should you find some problems, we will correct it to your satisfaction. If you seek our advice we are more than willing to talk with you and make proposal for free.

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